November 5, 2012
Ahh. Tension reliever. Feel free to follow along. :) After much writing, and editing, and so so many obstacles, like dying laptops, I have finally finished The Last Second. It drove me crazy, but I finally got it finished. And to tell the truth, I got all teary eyed when I finally typed the words "The End" instead of "To Be Continued". So much so, that I am already contemplating how else I can come back to that story later on in life. I have so grown to love the characters. I will really miss them.

But now...on to other stories. Make sure you visit to read more about my next book. As for the Second Glance crew...if you have anything you wish you could have seen happen in the story...let me know. Maybe I'll do a back story book...or maybe a, 4 years in the future, book. :)

Thank you so much for all of your love and support and emails!! I have so many more stories and characters to share, and I do hope you love them all!

Second Choice!

January 11, 2012
Whew, I can't believe it, but I'm finally done with Second Choice. Seems like it took forever!! I'd probably still be working on it if I didn't keep receiving emails from friends and fans asking when it was going to be done. So thanks for all of your support!! You know who you are. :)

I'm actually a bit horrified by how much I had to price the paperback. The only down fall with publishing thru LuLu. I really wanted to make it so much cheaper. Hopefully my readers wont mind the price, and if t...
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The Evolution

October 26, 2011
When writing Second Glance, one of my favorite parts, other than the actually writing, was being able to sit down in Photoshop and create a cover. And having found an amazing final outcome for the cover I ended up using, it wasn't my first design. I figured I would share with you what I was thinking about as far as a cover goes...and who knows, maybe you prefer one of the older designs. Let me know! :)

Cover #1. I found pictures of models that I thought fit the descriptions for everyon...
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NOW 25% OFF!!!

February 10, 2011
Second Glance is now 25% off! (only on Thank you so much for all of your support! I hope slashing the price will help encourage others to pick up the book and enjoy!

Best Always!
What Doesn't Kill Us, Makes Us Stronger...Or Crazier...I'm never sure which.

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Second Choice

February 3, 2011
Ok, I must admit that I had writer's block for awhile there while writing Second Choice, and having a car accident 2 weeks ago, which involved me going for a 4 flip ride in my dad's truck didn't But I just wanted everyone to know that I'm back on track now!! And the chapters are flying out of my mind and thru my fingers! I hope to have a publish date late March or early April. 

Keep me in your prayers..and I'll keep you in mine!
Mad Love!
April M.

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10% Off!

January 10, 2011
Hey! I've entered a January sales contest on! To help me come in first, I've provided a sale code for 10% off your purchase (located on the "Buy The Books" page). So, if you have already purchased my are amazing! Please help by passing the word around to your fellow book lovers! Thanks for any and all support! 

April Mann
Best Always!
"The Key To My Success, Is That I Am Willing To Fail"

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On Sale Now!

December 6, 2010
"Second Chance" is on sale now! Currently only available @ I thank everyone for their continued support of my work. I do hope you enjoy how the story continues to unfold, and I look forward to hearing from everyone about what you liked and/or didn't like about it!


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Second Chance

November 23, 2010
"Second Chance" on sale Dec 6th. Image coming soon.
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