When writing Second Glance, one of my favorite parts, other than the actually writing, was being able to sit down in Photoshop and create a cover. And having found an amazing final outcome for the cover I ended up using, it wasn't my first design. I figured I would share with you what I was thinking about as far as a cover goes...and who knows, maybe you prefer one of the older designs. Let me know! :)

Cover #1. I found pictures of models that I thought fit the descriptions for everyone that was living in my head. Of course, to use a cover like this..lots of attorney's would have to be paid, and papers signed. lol

And here's the 2nd cover I designed. Cave a little more creative freedom to the readers to make the characters look like they imagined them, and not so much what I put on the cover

And then finally the cover you already know. My final result.

Which one do you prefer?