"More than your average romance novel." Cathy M. Winter Haven, FL.

"I read "Second Glance". In general, I liked it.....It was a good book. With editing, "Second Glance" would have been a great book." Bonnie S. Deer Park, TX

"Your book is like a breath of fresh air, its refreshing because you veered away from the monotone manner in which some romance novels are being written. Most writers seem to concentrate on putting out as many books as they can in a short amount of time rather than taking time to develop their characters and plotlines. They are lacking in depth and not very innovative, if you read one you have read them all. The slight wrinkle for me was the first-person narrative in some scenes. The length and the humor was a bonus for me." Nellitha. Toronto, Canada

"Beuatiful tribute to her mother at the beginning! Excellently written and will appeal to the "romantic" comedy loving audience! Buy this book! If you can't buy it now, DEFINITLEY put it on your wish list! April Mann has CHARACTER & so does Second Glance! Make sure you guys GET IT NOW! And not to mention that if you are a person who enjoys interracial romances(they are my life as I love dating out of the color box), you WILL enjoy this book! :)"  Lakeya Geneene Mitchell

"Just finished your story and loved it to pieces.  I have to tell you that your story is the first that I've actually verbally reacted to something I'm reading (I was not a happy girl) and I sort of threw my iPhone (me e-reader) down on my desk in disgust, LOL!....Thanks so much for such an enjoyable read." Debbie Boxton. Las Vegas, NV

"Second Glance is a very good romantic novel. The author does a nice job developing the characters, so much so that the reader quickly develops strong emotions toward them. The book is easy to read and hard to put down once you start. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys this genre of novels. I’m looking forward to the sequel." Robin M. Fort Lauderdale, FL

"A like the way Aprill Mann comes up with his storyline. Not to talk about the enticing, Romantic and Comedic scenes which await the reader in the Novel. Purchase this book and be a happy reader." Henry Dukes

"All three books in this series are great please let me know when the ending to second choice is available my book girls are impatiently waiting so am I" Kathy Haney Smith

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