Cast of Characters

If I was getting ready to make Second Glance, the movie, right about now, below would be the people I would strongly suggest placing in the film. This helps give you a good idea of what was in my head when I was envisioning all of the characters. Maybe having an idea of what they should look like will help you enjoy the book more....if not...then forget you ever saw this page. lol

When I close my eyes and try to picture who would make the perfect Naomi, I see Meagan Good.  She's the perfect misture of sexy + tough.

 For Kristen, I think that Anne Hathaway would me a perfect fit.

What can I say, I think Ellen Page, with a funky hair style, would do a great job of bringing Taylor to life. 

Now Michael, for some reason, is a little hard for me to find a match. Maybe my expectations are too high? I'm open to any suggestions. lol 

Boris Kodjoe caught my eye as someone who could perfectly fit the mold for Kevin. 

So, I'm not a big Highschool Musical fan, but I think that Zac Efron has grown up to be quite the serious actor. And with a quick buzz cut, and some minor beefing up, he could make for tbe perfect Sam.


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