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ANNOUNCEMENT: Lulu.com has instated a new rule stating that eBooks can no longer be sold on their site if they have DRM (Digital Rights Management) added to the file. DRM is a way writers like myself protect our work from being illegally copied and distributed through torrent sites. So per their new policy, all of my eBooks have been removed from their site until I remove the DRM setting on the books. A few of us writers debated back and forth as to what to do, and right now my decision is to move my eBooks over to Create Space where DRM is currently allowed. I often looked back at the books once their were published, and wished I could have made changes...be it grammatical or spelling errors, or directions the characters took. Because of that I will use this opportunity to revisit my books and make these changes and re-publish them on Create Space. For those looking for the 4th installment of the story and wondering why they can only find the paperback version on Lulu, this is why. If you would like to purchase the eBook version of the book, please email me at April.Devine.Mann@gmail.com and I will be able to work something out with you. :) I will also post here once the revision have been posted on Create Space. Thanks for all understanding. The choice was hard to make, because I want to know my eBooks are listed and selling, but I don't want to risk my rights to do so. Hopefully one day I will be published by an actual publishing company, and then they can worry about things like this, and I can just focus on writing. lol

April M.
To The World You May Be One Person,
But To One Person You May Be The World.
Finally!! After much writing, editing, and obstacles, The Last Second is now on sale (Lulu.com only for now...rest of the world later). Click the "Buy The Books" tab for purchase link. 

Please let me know if you have any issues with your purchases! I reply to all emails A.S.A.P!

Mad Love To All My Readers & Fans!

April Mann


Imagine being hurt by every man you've ever trusted. Imagine never knowing if the relationship you are in is based on true love or just the physical. Imagine having listened to your heart for so long and being disappointed by your decisions so much, that you completely shut out your heart. Imagine having to rationalize every move you make in love. And even when your heart is telling you one thing, you fight to ignore it because your mind is telling you something else. Imagine being so hurt, and so confused by this inner struggle that fear and doubt control your every move. Now imagine finding that one person that manages to make you reconsider your decision to silence your heart. That one person that makes you realize that maybe true love really does exist. That one person that makes you take that second glance at your life and all that you thought you knew.

Imagine having an anger in your heart so deep that there is room for nothing else in your life. A pain so dark that it keeps you awake at night, forcing you to spend most of your life focused only on revenge, and a desire to hurt the one that has hurt you. Imagine keeping all of this hurt inside, never letting it out, or sharing it with others, never feeling the comfort that can only be given by a compassionate ear. Imagine being so consumed with hate, that your senses have become blind to even the subtle of actions and people in your life. Now imagine finding that one person that teaches you to open up. That one person with enough power to distract you from all that is negative in your life, actually allowing your heart to feel more than just pain. That one person that make you take that second glance at your life and all that you thought you knew.

This is the story of what happens when two people lost in their own world of hurt teach one another that there's more to life than they thought. They teach each other how to take that much needed second glance at life. Because sometimes love, happiness, and everything you've ever wanted, can come from the least likely of places.

 Main Characters:

Naomi Jackson

Michael Reed

Kristen Banks

Kenchi Kiroyashi

George Reed

Danielle Everson




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